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Barware, Glassware, Drinkware - whatever you call it, we have it in unbreakable polycarbonate

Our Polysafe range is virtually unbreakable, durable and reliable. Beer Glasses Made from the highest quality food grade polycarbonate, our Plastic Glasses looks and feels like the real glass equivalent.

Our diverse range of polycarbonate best wine glasses online is designed to suit all applications and environments with its glasslike characteristics. With sound knowledge and advanced production techniques, our factory technicians have developed a unique method to strengthen the internal structure of each piece that guarantees no cracking or injection bubbles. Polysafe is one of the only companies in the world to do this.

Unbreakable beer glasses

unbreakable middi
285mL/10oz Middi
'The Pot'-The smaller version of the schooner. Read more
unbreakable schooner
425mL/15oz Schooner
Our POLYSAFE schooner is as close to the real thing as it gets. Read more
unbreakable pint glass
570mL/20oz Pint Glass
The big boy of beer glasses and the most common beer drinking vessel in Europe. Read more
unbreakable beer glass
310mL/11oz Ale Haus
Medium size European beer glass for beer lovers. Read more
unbreakable beer glass
500mL/17.5oz Ale Haus
Large European beer glass for beer lovers. Read more
unbreakable tumbler glass
285mL/10oz Jasper Hi Ball
Medium sized Jasper Hi Ball is the same great shape as our 425mL Jasper Hi Ball. Read more
unbreakable large pilsner glass
20oz Pilsner
Medium Pilsner, classic design, thick and heavy base. Read more

Unbreakable wine glasses

unbreakable wine glass
400mL/14oz Grange wine Glass
The Grange is the delux of every polycarbonate wine glass on the market. Read more
unbreakable wine glass
250mL/8.75oz Wine Glass
Our glasses have a subtle and unique line on the side of the glass at the 150mL level. Read more
unbreakable champagne glass
170mL/6oz Champagne Flute
Celebrate safely with this unbreakable champagne flute. Read more
unbreakable wine glass
200mL/7oz Epernay
The elegant and strong wine glass. Read more

Unbreakable cocktail glasses

unbreakable cocktail glass
200mL/7oz Cocktail
The 200mL 'Mojito' is smaller version of the 400mL 'Caiprioska'. Read more
unbreakable cocktail glass
400mL/14oz Cocktail
The Polysafe 400mL Caiprioska is the perfect polycarbonate glass for all you cocktail needs. Read more
unbreakable martini
200mL/7oz Martini
The classic cocktail glass, for cosmopolitans, martini's, manhattans. Read more
unbreakable tumbler
240mL/8.5oz Rock Tumbler
This is the classic 8 sided rock tumbler that is used for all spirit and mixers. Read more
unbreakable tumbler
270mL/9.5oz Jasper Rock
The Jasper tumbler is one of Polysafe's latest range of premium drinkware. Read more
unbreakable double jasper glass
375mL/12.7oz Double Jasper
Double old fashion, executive style. A larger serve for the more sophisticated drinker. Read more
unbreakable shot glass
60ml/2oz Big Shot
The 'Big Shot' is the bigger brother of the PS-8 30mL Shot. Read more
unbreakable shot glass
30mL/1oz Whiskey Shot Glass
A classic whiskey shot design with a 30mL Capacity marking on the base. Read more
unbreakable tumbler
425mL/15oz Jasper Hi Ball
The Jasper Hi Ball is the bigger brother to the Jasper Tumbler. Read more
unbreakable cocktail glass
400mL/14oz Hurricane
The elegant and strong cocktail glass. Read more
unbreakable margarita glass
The Classic cocktail glass, restyled. Read more
double old fashion
Double Old Fashion
The fashionable drinker. Read more
Canadian shot glass
28mL/1oz Hurricane
Our new Canadian styled shot glass. Read more
Jasper Hi-Ball 12oz
Jasper Hi-Ball 12oz
355mL Jasper Hi-Ball Read more  

Unbreakable drinking glasses

unbreakable schmiddy
350mL/12.5oz Schmiddy
This is the versatile Schmiddy that is also know as the hi-ball glass. Read more
unbreakable espresso
250mL/8.75oz Espresso
The Espresso is a European design and is the perfect unbreakable coffee glass for cafes. Read more
unbreakable carafe
1ltr Carafe
Large capacity carafe with a stylish, ergonomic handle. Read more